you can’t go wrong with the delicious, healthy burger options at to whataburger. There are so many options for everything from turkey burgers to turkey burgers plus the classic mac and cheese. The best part is, there are even meatless options so whataburger isn’t just about burgers anymore.

Whataburger has decided to go all out in the burger department by going all-out meat-free. After years of being all about the veggie burger, we finally have a place where you can get a burger that tastes great, is healthy, and has a side of fries.

Meat-free options are not a new thing. When Taco Bell first opened in the U.S. back in 2007, they started selling a meatless burrito. In that same year, Taco Bell also introduced the veggie burrito, which is basically a veggie version of the Taco Bell burrito. Taco Bell has been making more and more health-friendly options for a while, but whataburger is finally taking the initiative by going all-out on the veggie burger.

Whataburger is getting all-out on the veggie burger, so you can expect a new line of meatless options to come to your local Whataburger in the near future. Not only are these new veggie options healthier but they are now made with fresh ingredients, which means you can actually enjoy and enjoy them.

If you love whataburger has done with its veggie burger, I have some bad news for you. The veggie burger is not vegan. Instead, they’re using a veggie pattie that’s made with a combination of kale and spinach, which means you can basically make your own salad and still feel like you’re eating a healthy meal.

This is a good thing, but what if you never cook your own meals? A lot of us can’t cook without having to take a class or buy our own ingredients, so it’s a good idea to check out whataburger has on its menu for veggie options.

You’ll find that their veggie burger is basically a veggie patty with avocado, cheese, and lettuce. And hey, I know most vegans will prefer their veggie burger to a regular burger, but I don’t know if vegans know how to make a salad so its a good idea to check it out.

I’ve been thinking about a veggie burger and veggie burger salad on a regular burger, what with all the veggie options I’ll probably be eating out on a regular basis. Whataburger is on the right path here, they’re making a meal that’s as good as any other, and veggie burgers aren’t exactly a new idea.

The new Whataburger menu includes a veggie burger, a veggie burger salad, and a vegetarian burger. So if you thought veggie burgers didnt come in a lettuce and tomato sandwich, think again. Theyre really not that bad. The thing that really gets me though, is that the veggie burger and the veggie burger salad are made with ground turkey, and the vegetarian burger is made with tofu.