The Schwinn 470 is the newest model of elliptical. This brand is just plain cool. My first introduction to the model was when I first saw the website. It is my favorite brand. My favorite feature is the design. The way it looks and feels is outstanding. I have to say that the design is one of the best I have seen. One, or two, or all three of the models would be pretty close to being perfect, but the 470 is just so gorgeous.

When I first saw the 470 I was a bit skeptical. I wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty. The shape and overall design of the 470 is great (even though it is just the elliptical version), but the real stand out feature is the look. It really looks like an oversized book. It really looks like a book. It looks like a real book. The colors and the design (specifically when you turn the elliptical on) is just breathtaking.

The elliptical is one of Schwinn’s most prominent models, so it’s no surprise the 470 is the best elliptical to date. It is probably my favorite elliptical model so far. Not only is the shape of the 470 beautiful, but the color scheme of the 470 is also beautiful. The 470 is almost exactly the same as the 470 XL (the other elliptical model), but the 470 is more golden yellow from the bottom and the 470 XL is deeper more orange looking.

Schwinns elliptical design is built around the classic, upright, round shape with the large, round, semi-round, and semi-straight blades. The 470 is the best elliptical model in the lineup, not just for it’s design, but because it actually makes the 470 XL look and feel like an elliptical.

The 470 is, as is the 470 XL, a bit more than a standard elliptical for sure, and it uses the same basic design as the 470. The 470’s blades are not as straight, nor are they as wide as the 470 XL’s. The 470’s blades also seem to be slightly longer and thicker than the 470 XL’s. Both of these features are, to me, a little jarring coming from an elliptical.