I was recently on a rope pulldown with a group of friends. The group consisted of a father, his son, and their son’s son. These boys were all quite experienced with rope pulls. The father was quite surprised when he had to lead the group down the rope and back up. I was the first to start to fall, and I was not the least bit concerned.

It’s not uncommon for a rope pulldown to end in someone falling into the water. However, I have a friend who is a pretty good swimmer, so he’s never had a problem with it either. I was actually surprised when I had to jump in and help pull these boys down the rope. They all seemed to be in good shape, but I had no idea why anyone would want to jump into the water to pull them down.

rope pulldowns are generally a good idea for people who have less experience with the rope. This video comes from Mark, who is a pro-recovery swimmer who has had a great deal of success pulling people down the rope in the past. The video shows how it is best to not get into the water to pull someone down, but rather jump into the water and pull them down. When you start to sink, just jump out of the water.

I really liked this video, but it didn’t strike me as very logical. I don’t imagine anyone would expect to get pulled down by a rope with a pulldown rig attached to it. I would have expected to see an instructor, or perhaps a person who is an expert on the pulldown rig. My first thought was something like, “hey, I’m pretty good at it.” But I don’t know any expert pulldowns.