The answer is about 9.5 oz. I think that’s about right.

I don’t have a lot of experience with the amount of oil in a chicken breast, but I’m confident that I’ve made an omelette in at least 5 oz.

A quick look at the trailer reveals that this is likely the first time I’ve had a chance to watch this trailer. The storyline is a bit of a little off-putting for those who aren’t familiar with the game’s story. There are tons of other games that show up in “The Final Fantasy Game” but this one was the first time I’ve seen one of them.

Its not just the oil, either. The first time Ive had a chance to play the game, I was disappointed that there was no way to customize the chicken to be any more flavorful. Thats not to say it tastes bad, it just doesnt have the same level of flavor as the other chicken breasts Ive had. Its also a bit of a disappointment that you canve more than one chicken in the same pan.

It’s not just the oil though. The other problems with Final Fantasy 7’s chicken aren’t just the lack of flavor. The chicken you get just doesnt seem to do the same job it does in other games. If you eat a chicken breast that has been cooked in oil, you get a chicken that is more oily, and if you eat a chicken breast that has been cooked in water, you get a chicken that is more watery.