The most important thing to remember when starting out walking is to keep your pace slow and steady. Beginners should aim to walk 2 miles every day — longer than that is too hard and too tiring.

A good rule of thumb is to walk 2 miles for 40 minutes, then rest for 40 minutes and then walk 2 miles for another 40 minutes. So you can walk 1.5 miles (the length of a marathon) for 40 minutes and then rest for 40 and then walk 1.5 miles again for 40 minutes.

Most of us have no idea how far we walk. We might be running around the block or walking from point A to point B but we don’t know. Walking 2 miles every day for 40 minutes, then rest for 40 minutes and then walking 2 miles for another 40 minutes is a pretty reasonable guideline when you think about it.

But that does raise a question. I think we tend to underestimate how much distance we walk. A lot of us walk for less than a mile and we think we can walk the whole way. That is, we think we can walk for 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes without stopping. If you walk 2 miles every day for 40 minutes and then rest for 40 for another 40 you are probably not going to walk the entire way. I’m not sure why this is.

People are also walking a lot more than they realize. A lot of us walk because we want to get our shoes dirty, because we get bored, or because we have to get out of the house. Some people walk because their car breaks down, or because of a major illness or death in the family. The average American walks 2.5 miles each day, according to the US Census Bureau. (This is the number of miles that adults in the U.S.

Some might say that you’re lucky to walk those 2.5 miles each day for the entire year, but that’s not true. The average American only walks about 14 miles a week. That’s about 30% less walking than what you would think. As you can see, walking takes up a lot of time for you. It’s not just for exercise, either.

Of course it does. But the reason why walking is so important to you is that it helps you feel better about yourself. When you walk, you lose your stress. You become more relaxed. You feel better about yourself. You don’t even have to do anything, just go. And when you don’t feel like walking, you do it.

The same goes for the amount of time you spend walking. You feel better about yourself in that you are no longer stressed out over it. If you don’t, and you feel like you are, you should get moving. You can always walk faster.